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Beijing medium shot Hua Yun model Ltd.
Tel: 13911763852
Contact: Mr. Liu
Address: Beijing Fengtai District, West Fourth Ring Road
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Medium shot by veteran model is established domestic industry model, professional production of various types of high standards and high-quality model of the company. Zhongjin model model making company employees have many years of experience, for all types of model making clear in mind, to create a our customers get the praise of many boutique model of the United States Meilen magic. Over the years the company has always maintained with domestic and foreign models professionals liaise closely together to learn together to improve the company's products in the production process, materials, expressing the idea has always been a leader . Medium shot models done by "innovation, refinement," the purpose of the co-ordination of the development of materials, use of color, art handling, sound, light, electricity, and always have a unique way, always make works collar Yanqun Lun. It also works always get customer acceptance reasons...
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